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On the Road

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FINALLY!!!  School is out and vacation has started!  We left Saturday morning for our first stop of Texarkana.  We do not usually make our campground reservations until we get on the road, mainly because if we are delayed because we find something we would like to stop and do along the way or because of delays due to road construction, this may change where we decide to stop.  So, after we got on the road, I called the Texarkana KOA to make reservations.  I always have my KOA membership number available because it gives me a 10% discount.  If you are not familiar with the KOA membership rewards, you need to check it out…we have found that it is totally worth joining!  I also make personal preference requests known to the campground and ask if they can accommodate them. Continue reading

Vermont Bound!

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Once upon a time, a husband and wife decided they wanted to travel.  Should they stay in hotels? No, that costs too much!  Should they buy a motor home and drive?  No way that they could afford that!!  Should they buy a 5th wheel trailer and pull it behind their truck?  That sounded just right for the couple!!

I am sorry, but I was raised on Fairy tales and I just could not resist starting our travel blog with “Once upon a time”.

We have had several, what we call “Big Trips” that I will share as I develop our traveling blog, but we decided to start with the trip we are taking right now and move on from there. Continue reading