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Road Trip – Homeward Bound!

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Getting back on the road, we drove through Maryland, West Virginia and made it to Wytheville, Virginia.  The next day had a destination of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  After arriving at the campground and setting up, we headed back out again to ride the Chattanooga Train.  We made it in time to ride the 2:25 train.  Continue reading

Our Adventures in Pennsylvania

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We stayed in two different KOA’s while in Pennsylvania.  The first one was in Jonestown and the KOA had a overall camp store that was used by the residents of Jonestown, as much as the campers.  It is a small town that had a National Park to the west with trails to walk and a river that flows right beside the campground.  The countryside is beautiful and as seems common in Pennsylvania the country roads wind around from town to town.  The interstate is a more direct road and that is what we took to Hershey, PA.  Our first stop was Hershey’s Chocolate World. Continue reading

I {heart} New York

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My Sister, Debbie, had not seen our fifth wheel, so before we pulled out, Debbie and the girls stopped by to have a look at it.  We always like showing off our camper, in the 2 years we have had it, we have covered a lot of miles in it and it still looks nice.  After tearful goodbyes, we pulled out for the next part of our journey. Continue reading