Road Trip – Homeward Bound!

Getting back on the road, we drove through Maryland, West Virginia and made it to Wytheville, Virginia.  The next day had a destination of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  After arriving at the campground and setting up, we headed back out again to ride the Chattanooga Train.  We made it in time to ride the 2:25 train. 

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We made it to Mississippi the next day and stayed at the Yogi Park on the lake.  We woke up the next morning and got an early start and made it back into Texas and before the end of the day we were in Denton.  We spent a 2 days in Denton visiting my other Sister, Rose, and getting to see our Granddaughter, Cheyenne.  Finally, headed back to south Texas and home!

Looking back over our vacation, we visited my Sister and her family, managed to ride 3 trains, go to Canada, visit some historical sites and visit Chocolate World!  Who could want more than that?  Until our next adventure….


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