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Buffaloes Everywhere

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The first thing that caught our attention when we drove through Custer, was the life-sized painted buffaloes.  You could see the buffaloes on almost every street corner.  This post is my way of highlighting this unique feature:


This red and yellow buffalo was actually at the Crazy Horse Museum.







DSCF2978 DSCF2979

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Northward Bound

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We always have a sense of anticipation as we plan and pack and then finally get to leave on our vacation.

Jeff is an excellent researcher on finding places to see while at our destination.  He also checks on the campgrounds to stay at along our journey, calculating the distance traveled each day.  We have found that a 6 hour day is optimum for us, though there are just times when a longer drive is necessary to complete the journey.

The distance from south Texas to South Dakota was going to be a long way for us, so we determined 3 days is all we wanted to be on the road going up.  Our first day ended in Oklahoma City. We were used to driving to north Texas in a day to visit my family, but felt we needed to put a little more distance in on this trip.  My Mom and Sister, Rose, were joining on this trip and it was still close enough for them to join us that evening.

After getting our camper set up, we drove around and found the Boom-A-Rang Diner in Choctaw, OK to eat supper.  The menu covered breakfast and supper items, it was delicious and reasonably priced with friendly service.  If you get in the area, you need to stop and have a bite to eat.

The next day was an even longer drive.  We were on the road for 11 hours before pulling into Gothenburg, Nebraska, traveling through Oklahoma, Kansas and halfway through Nebraska (going east to west).  It was very exhausting.      


            The Gothenburg KOA had some beautiful flowers throughout the grounds.    

 DSCF2742  DSCF2743 

 We did stop at every State Welcome Center to pick up maps and take a break.  Rose and Mom drove at their own pace, stopping to sight-see and shopping…they caught up to us an hour or two later.  They managed to stop in at the Pony Express historical building in Gothenburg before arriving at the campsite.  Jeff and I made a point to stop by there the next morning before leaving town.  If you like history the way we do, it is a great place to visit.DSCF2747   DSCF2746DSCF2748   DSCF2749

Our final day on the road took 6 hours, with us arriving in Custer, SD at the Custer KOA at 4pm.

DSCF2972  DSCF2973 

DSCF2756  DSCF2757 DSCF2758  DSCF2756

We were able to see some buffalo and prairie dogs as we drove through Black Hills National Forest to reach our destination. It is hard to see the prairie dogs in the pictures I took.

 DSCF2761   DSCF2989

Happy to reach our destination, we drove through Custer and stopped to eat at the Cattleman’s Steak House.  It cost more than we had planned to spend, but the food was great!